Deep Dropping for Swordfish

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Swordfish are among the biggest fish on earth. Their sheer size alone is something to behold, but these giants are incredibly powerful and fast as well. They are also undeniably delicious, making it even more rewarding when you catch one. Equipped with very long bills that can literally cut you in half, they are easily one of the most challenging and exhilarating big game fish alive. We recommend practicing extreme caution when fishing for swordfish in Fort Lauderdale.

Swordfish are known as ideal for night fishing. What has changed?

We have caught many of these beasts, but up until a few years ago we only used to catch them at night when they came closer to the surface. They used to disappear during the day and nobody knew where to find them. After the results of a satellite tagging program revealed their mysteries, we discovered ways to catch them during the day as well. We also learnt that the majority of swordfish never surface, so we are able to catch much higher numbers of them now.

How have you used this information to your advantage?

Swordfish were revealed to live in depths of 1 600ft to 1 800ft. By dropping baits to that depth at the correct location, we have perfected the art of finding them during the day.

How does deep dropping for Swordfish work?

We rig skirted belly baits or squid with a small underwater light and heavy weight before dropping them to the desired depth.The light serves to attract the swordfish and when they bite on the bait, we reel them in either manually or with big electric reels.

Why is fishing for Swordfish in Fort Lauderdale more popular during the daytime?

These fish grow into enormous beasts, but we only used to catch surfacing juveniles at night. The average swordfish weighed between 60lbs and 80lbs. By locating them in their natural habitat, we are able to find the bigger ones. On average, the swordfish we catch weigh around 200lbs when we pull them from the depths. Often they weigh as much as 700lbs.

Why are Fort Lauderdale's Swordfish so exhilarating?

Swordfish are famous for several reasons. We love a good challenge, and swordfish are among the most difficult to catch. Once on your line, you are guaranteed an awesome battle. They will fight you with every ounce of their extraordinary strength and getting them to the surface from that depth requires skill and patience. One of the fastest fish in the oceans, they are also beautiful (even with their dangerous sword).