Fort Lauderdale Swordfish Fishing

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The local, deep cobalt waters directly offshore from Fort Lauderdale happen to be one of the world’s best places to catch swordfish, one of the best game fish in the ocean. The mighty swordfish, which grows in excess of a thousand pounds, can be caught twelve to fifteen miles off the Fort Lauderdale coast, right in the heart of the Gulf Stream’s warm rich waters. It is the combination of the Gulf Stream moving over sea mounts on the ocean floor at depths of 900-1800 feet carrying squid, the food of choice for swordfish that make the local waters off Fort Lauderdale the perfect place for catching swordfish – the gladiators of the sea.

Swordfishing Trips

Sword fishing charterFort Lauderdale Sword fishing trips are typically eight to twelve hours. On the way to sword fishing areas we high speed troll for Mahi-Mahi, Wahoos, Tunas and the occasional Blue Marlin. Upon arrival at the underwater sea mounts and sword fishing areas we deploy the swordfish baits. Our preferred swordfish bait, is large squid rigged on heavy mono leaders attached to big game 100# class rods and reels that have the ability to withstand the punishing runs and fight that only a swordfish can deliver. Three to five lines are fished at staggered depths depending on conditions, each with an electralume underwater light, which attracts both bait and swordfish. The bait that congregates around the light increases the interest and attraction of swordfish; and when the swordfish approaches the wild bait scatters leaving only the bait with your hook in it.

Fish Local Knowledge offers two types of Sword Fishing Trips: Day-time and Night-time charters.

Night-time Sword Fishing Night-time is one of the best times to fish for Swordfish. Swordfish with their huge eyes are built for feeding in the dark. When the sun goes down a rich bio-mass of plankton and invertebrates comes up from the ocean deep followed by swarms of fish and squid, followed by swordfish. Night-time Sword Fishing is an experience and thrill of a lifetime!.

Day Time Sword Fishing Day time swordfishing is a new discovery here in South Florida.Much different from the night time excursion is the techniques used to catch the mighty swordfish. We actually deploy baits all the way to the bottom in 1800 feet of water. Whats great about day time swordfishing Fort Lauderdale besides not losing any sleep is the fact the average size of the fish is 200-300 pounds and truly have the chance to catch a giant over 400 pounds!